Kjerstin Norén
writer critic singer performer
according to others
You are a real ”Småland girl”. You are nice and cheerful, you can sing and you dance well.
Vilhelm Moberg (legendary writer) in Lund 1966


Went downtown in the afternoon and heard Kjerstin Norén singing at the Women’s House Festival. Very good indeed, truly, partially upsetting and partially liberating. She says that she is happy now, about to move to Copenhagen. (Lived with Peter Madsen in Italy and has obviously made a human being out of this Danish semiotic, a tall grey creature who roared out his neurosis at the NSU (Nordic Summer University) a couple of years ago.) She’ll publish a novel around New Year and a book on Italian Women’s Lib in the fall.
- - -
Everything I read by her has been good in content but bad in form: theoretical and laborious and negligently expressed without care. What a pity! (Although her song texts are not like that.)   
Rut Hillarp’s (artist, writer, photografer) Diaries 1978


The best thing that’s happened to Danish theatre since Frederik Schyberg.
Klaus Hoffmeyer (director, theatre maneger) to Ejvind Larsen (editor) 


Too bad you were not a critic in Sweden instead. I learn a lot from your work.
Ulf Grahn (director/scholar of theatre) in Malmö


You’re a dreamer.


I like her a lot and she is a skilful and bright writer in the newspaper she writes for. Bloody clear and competent.
I damn like it. Most people are not competent. She does not skim on the surface and does not use pretentious words. You can understand her through her knowledge. I am on my way there on the 24th of February, as I already wrote. Enough.
letter from Birgit Åkesson (dancer, choreographer) to Eva Enderlein 1988 


Una donna straordinaria.
Rossana Rossanda (editor of Il Manifesto) in the beginning of the 90th


We should not underestimate the importance of this life for the purpose of our existence as a whole…
Ingemar Lindh (pedagogue, director) in the bound specimen of ”The missing link”1997


You’re a dreamer.

I remember you as more of a glamour-girl who decorated the arrangement and tried out the suitable phrases.
Per Runesson (journalist) 2001


Kjerstin Norén has in the period of 1999-11-01 – 2009-11-30 been employed at the Postal Logistics Ltd.
Kjerstin has during the period of employment served as a terminal worker.
Kjerstin is accurate, ambitious and dutiful.
Kjerstin is appreciated by her managers as well as by her fellow-workers and she has fulfilled her tasks satisfactory.
Service certificate by Håkan Schiller, Manager of Production, Ultimo December 2009


You’re a dreamer.


Why create a piece of art,
when it is so wonderful to dream about it?
Pier Paolo Pasolini


The Academic Association could still in 1968 chose a board exclusively consisting of men and the Chairman of The Student’s Association could in his speech at the celebration utter:
”Our University has educated men, that constitute the pillars of  society as well as the rebels and fighters of the barricades.”
Kjerstin Norén then stands out as the light in the tunnel when she strikes up in The International.
Sara Granath in Swedish Theater Events 1946-1996,
Stockholm 1996