Kjerstin Norén
writer critic singer performer

Kjerstin Norén - brief CV

writer, critic, singer, performer

1945         Born on the 21st of June in Jönköping, Sweden.

1965         High School diploma, majoring in classical studies.

1970         Master of Humane Studies (Drama, Theatre, Film),
                Lund University.

1973         Theoretical part of Ph.D. completed at the Department of
                Drama, Theatre, Film.

1970-78    Visiting student at Schaubühne am Halleschen Ufer
                (Peter Stein and Bruno Ganz), Berlin, Théâtre du Soleil
                (Ariane Mnouchkine), Paris and La Comune (Dario Fo), Milano;
                studies in voce naturale by Giovanna Marini, Rome.
                In the same period connected to the Universities of Lund,
                Sweden and Aalborg, Denmark.

1981-90    Drama Critic at the independent daily Information, Copenhagen;
                declined a professorship proposed by the Department of Drama,
                Theatre, Film in Lund, Sweden.

1990-95    External collaborator at the Institutet för Scenkonst
                (Ingemar Lindh), Pontremoli, Italy.

1992 -       Artistic Director of Teaterstudio B (since 2009 Studio 23 B)
                during research of the musical code in Dramatic Recitation and
                Rhetoric’s, often related to Fine Arts and Space.

2010 -       Studio 23 B

2010 Jida/Grandmother
a rememberance in three parts dedicated to Jenny/Zakia with the dancer Mohanned Hawaz and KjN, recitation and composition, Cultural Festival of Bottnafjorden, 4/7, DVD

2011 The Sorrow of War/The Life of Love
based on a novel by the vietnamese writer Bao Ninh with the dancer Carmen Olsson, the actor Peter Jägbring and KjN
Composition: Anders Rimpi, CD

2012 Medea-Mercier
based on Euripides/Kyrklund/Stridsberg and Éléonore Mercier together with the Literary Auditorium of Selma Rosenfeldt-Olsen in Copenhagen, the theatre- and maskartist Maria Lexa from the Sun&Moon Ensemble, San Francisco and the musicians Stefan and Jeppe Groot. The Theatre of Åsen, 17-20/5, Denmark.

2012 The Siblings
based on a novel by Magnus Florin, Göteborgs Dramatiska Teater (GDT) with participants from The Theater Alvar, The Theater Enkor, The City Theatre of Gothenburg, The Theatre of larssons & ADAS, the dancer Pia Nordin, the piano quartet Makadam, the viola duo Here and Now and the musician David Sperling. The GDT 14-16/12, DVD

2013 Gospel according to Plath/Ginsburg
based on Ariel By Sylvia Plath and HOWL by Allen Ginsberg with Robert Bolin, Charlotta Grimfjord Cederblad, Peter Jägbring, David Karlsson and Erik Åkerlind.
Composition: Henrik Leander, CD

2013 Skärkäll goes Twin Peaks
a drama day in the Artistic Village of Skärkäll with Michael Norlind and Juli Apponen, Scenkonst Gerlesborg, Andy Hultberg, Johan Rödström and Frida Sandström, Skogen, KjN and as Master Chef Siv Hermansson, Skärkäll, with the helpers Kerstin Lagermark, Sören Schou Jensen and Jan Sinclair. 6/7

work in progress:

A meditation over Four Quartets by T.S. Eliot – a work for two male actors and a mixed choir, the Galleria of Nordstan after closing time.

No identity, an event in Gerlesborg with the network Free Cultural Spaces, Scenkonst Gerlesborg the Artistic Village of Skärkäll and The University of Foolosophy in Montreal, Canada.


Publications of drama- and literary studies, cultural journalism, records, novels, lectures/readings, programs for Radio and Television, collaboration with several magazines and newspapers, in Scandinavia and Italy.

Political roots in the New Left and Cultural Radicalism of the sixties, since 1975 (post-Phnom Penh) radical independent, during the eighties involved in the Dissident Movement of Eastern Europe and Soviet Union, emanating from the newspaper Il Manifesto in Rome (Rossana Rossanda) and the Hungarian philosopher in exile, Agnes Heller.